** Version 2.1 in App Store Now – Be Sure to Update**
Added ability to to use additional shielding other than the collimator.

This is a very handy utility for Industrial Radiographers.

Ever get tired of using a clumsy slide rule to make radiation calculations?  Or, even worse, doing them by hand with a pencil and paper!

This app will eliminate the need for this.

This app is very simple to operate.  You simply enter the curies, choose the source, and the shot time in minutes (if less than 60).  Hit the Calculate button and your are done.

The app makes four separate calculations for you.  I will explain these below;

1)  It calculates the the distance to the Barricade (dose of 2 mR/hr) without any shielding factored in.

2)  It calculates the distance to the barricade with a common 4 half-value layer collimator included.

3) It calculates the distance to the barricade in an emergency or worse case conditions (eg. source malfunction).

4) It tells you what the maximum allowable reading on the barricade is.  This is used when shooting for much less than and hour and the barricade is small enough that more than 2 mR/hr is observed.



Here is a demo video demonstrating the software.

Demo video to come