My NDT Software

I will put links on this page to my various NDT related software projects.  There will be more coming very soon.


This is an iPhone/iPod Touch application that can calculate barricade distances and maximum dose rates at the barricade for industrial radiographers.

The page for Barricade can be found  HERE

Shot Time Calculator

This utility calculates the exposure time for Iridium and Cobalt Sources.  It is free for use at the current time.  If this gets approved for iTunes at a later time this link will stop functioning at that time and you would use the iTunes native version.

The page for X-Ray Timer can be found HERE

Code 313

This is a radiographic film interpretation Calculator for B31.3.  Use at you own risk.
The page for Code 313 can be found HERE

Density App

This is an app to calculate the plus/minus density variation in ASME Section V. The page for this app can be found HERE.

Ug Calc

This is an app to calculate geometric unsharpness of a radiograph.  No more having to look up the formula and work out the math my hand.  The page for the app can be found HERE.

More to come soon!